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ScriptDoc tag quick reference

This page provides an at-a-glance reference for the tags for the Aptana ScriptDoc system. For comprehensive ScriptDoc tag information, including syntax and examples, see the ScriptDoc comprehensive tag reference page.


Tag Description
@alias ID for a class or function.
@author Author of a JavaScript file or function.
@classDescription Description of the class (if applicable).
@constructor Signifies that a function is a constructor for a class.
@deprecated Signifies that a function or a property has been deprecated.
@exception Specifies the type of exception thrown by a function.
@id Unique identifier for a function or property.
@inherits Indicated one "class" derives from another.
@memberOf Signifies that a function is a member of the specified class.
@method Signifies that a function is a method of a class, if applicable.
@namespace Creates the link between the namespace of a library file and an external .sdoc file.
@param Use @param to tag each parameter for a function.
@projectDescription Gives a description of the JavaScript file.
@return Specifies information about the return value(s) of a function.
@sdoc Defines the path to an external .sdoc file for a library file.
@see Links to another related class or function.
@since Specifies since which version the library, function, or property became valid.
@type Specifies what data type a property is.
@version Specifies the version number of the JavaScript file or class.

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